Josh Cohen

Joshua Cohen has been developing his craft and refining his rug making technique since 1996. Growing up in a carpet and flooring store provided the necessary skills for rug making, but Joshua’s artistic ability provided the rest of the formula.

From a young age, the installation side of the carpet business utilized Joshua’s artistic prowess, commissioning him to do much of the “non-standard” seams and designs. Intrigued by the artistry and eager to do more, Joshua began pushing the envelope and his skills. Each rug better than the last, Joshua’s excitement for what may come grew with each piece. Taking on ambitious designs proved worth the gamble as his work was stopping traffic, and garnering praise from local artists and designers. Inspiration abounds and the last few years of creations have really been turning heads, and stirring a buzz. Joshua’s commitment to service and his “can do” attitude complete the feeling of reassurance that he instills in all of his clients. Joshua has the vision and ability to make your dream a reality.

Joshua Cohen