By Joshua Cohen

This living room was designed by a professional decorator, but the finishing touch was missing.

The fused glass art piece on the table served as inspiration for the rug's design.

Careful collaboration with the client resulted in a rug which finished the room's decor.

This rug's odd shape fits precisely into the living room on a client's boat. The customer selected colors to match the decor of their vessel and Josh went to work.

The inspiration for this piece was fused glass jewelry.

An idea to make your trade show booth stand out. Our friends at Brush Wellman ToughMet loved their rug and shared with us these photos from their trade show exhibit.

We matched the cream field color to a 1937 Pontiac for a local car enthusiast. The car can be seen in various Cleveland-area parades throughout the summer.

Mr. Meticulous is never satisfied.

Attention to detail pays off in the end.

Another interesting challenge presented by some very dear friends.

They own a unique piece of wall artwork and expressed interest in a complementary rug.

We all think it turned out great:

The Team logo proved to be an ambitious undertaking because of the small scale that was requested. The challenge was met, and we couldn't be happier.

This rug was on display at the Team convention attended by 70,000+ people. Not bad for our little rug!

I fabricated this special rug for the Cleveland Chinese Church of Christ to thank them for their business. We provided wall-to-wall flooring for several classrooms, and the job was a huge success!

click photo for larger view

Pastor Gary designed this piece which I then presented to say thanks.

Congratulations to the basketball team at St. Thomas Aquinas School on a great year. This gift was presented to Sister Michelle as a thank you for selecting us to carpet the school's classrooms and to congratulate the team for a job well done.

click photo for larger view

I have officially met my idols. I would like to dedicate a paragraph to these guys. It was humbling to meet such craftsmen, what an inspiration. Maybe some day, You'll see one of my pieces featured on Ask This Old House.

click photo for larger view

Pictured are Tom Silva, Chris Wolf, and Richard Trethewey. I'm in the middle, that's my dad in the gray shirt. Great photo op.

Pictured is another happy customer. This logo was inspired by the business card, and fabricated at our studio per the specific needs of the client. The custom border was designed by Joshua for visual effect.

click photo for larger view

P.S. This is an Aardvark.

What a great gift idea!

click photo for larger view

Having a baby? Why not a unique and soft rug to finish off the room's decor? The possibilities are endless.

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